The EBA operates the Etobicoke Rangers AAA/Elite Baseball Program.

The Etobicoke Rangers have been one of the premier rep baseball teams in the Province of Ontario for almost 50 years. During that time, the Rangers have built a rich tradition of success on the field - including numerous Provincial Championships and National Championships. The Rangers field teams from 10U - 18U, with teams from 15U to 18U competing in the Elite Baseball League of Ontario.

The mission of the Etobicoke Rangers is to develop young baseball players and give them every opportunity to compete at the highest level and achieve their baseball goals.  The Rangers do this by giving players the opportunity to work very closely with coaches who have professional and college experience, and by providing the facilities and resources they need to improve not only as baseball players, but also as students and human beings. The Rangers are consistently able to find schools that are a good fit for those looking to play at the next level, be it locally here in Canada or at a NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA institution in the United States.  A number of Rangers have enjoyed success not only at that level, but in the professional ranks as well.

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