General Information

A number of EBA Member Leagues offer Select Teams in some or all of the following divisions:

Division Eligible Ages
9U 8, 9
11U 10, 11
13U 12, 13
15U 14, 15
18U 16, 17, 18
22U 19, 20, 21, 22

Note:  Not all Member Leagues offer all levels and they may not offer every level every year.  More information on the Select programs run by EBA Member Leagues can be found on the websites below.

Bloordale Martingrove Royal York

EBA is a member of the Select Division of Baseball Ontario (OBA - Select Division), which is the official governing body for Select baseball in the Province of Ontario.

EBA does not arrange for player tryouts or operate Select teams.  EBA organizes the loop teams participate within.  In addition to Select teams organized by Member Leagues, the EBA Select loop also includes Select teams from Toronto Playgrounds, York and Annette.  The EBA loop operates as House League Select for 9U, 11U and 13U and Dedicated Select for 15U and 18U.

Typically, each division's Championship team automatically qualifies for the House League Select or Dedicated Select (as appropriate) Provincial Championships for that division (typically Labour Day Weekend for 9U – 15U and the third or fourth weekend in August for 18U).

2024 Convenor Contact Information

Division Convenor E-Mail
Overall Wendy Kudeba


Norm Carriere

Patrick McConnell

11U Ryan Butchereit
13U Nhat Le
15U Jack Gray
18U Wendy Kudeba

 Schedules & Scores

Schedules, scores and standings for each division can be found by following the links below:

9U 9U Standings and Schedules
11U 11U Standings and Schedules
13U 13U Standings and Schedules
15U 15U Standings and Schedules
18U 18U Standings and Schedules

It is up to the coaches – working with the convenor as required – to reschedule any rain outs or cancellations. If you are unable to host a home game on a night assigned to you, work out alternative arrangements with the other team. Notify the convenor of game time, date or location changes so they can ensure the website can be updated to reflect these changes.

 Minimum Game Requirement

Teams must play 90% of their scheduled games in order to qualify for the playoffs.

If a team defaults before the start of the game:

First Default:  Team to get warning by the GM, Select and the defaulting team pays the umpire fees.

Second Default: Team will get a notice for a disciplinary hearing from the GM, Select and must pay umpire fees.

Roster Approval Process
For more information on the process and deadlines, contact your local league registrar.

All season, EBA Select Loop teams play by the OBA Select Division Procedures and Playing Rules (2024 Select Procedures and Playing Rules).  NO LOCAL RULES will apply except for those related to the ground rules of the local parks (ie. out of play lines, etc).

Coaching Certification Requirements
Coaches are expected to comply with the coaching certification requirements applicable to them as set out by Baseball Ontario.  You can confirm the 2024 requirements at the following link – 2024 Approved Coach Certification Requirements)

For information on EBA Select, contact Wendy Kudeba, General Manager, EBA Select at